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10 November 2005 @ 01:11 am
Foxxy love's new hit 'crashy crashy die die die' in stores now!  
My horoscope:

Get out of the doldrums and enjoy life. The situation is such that, if you remain stagnant for a little while, you will soon sink into a spiral of depression and downward thinking. If, however, your stay afloat and focused on your dreams, you will remain active in your pursuit of all your life's goals. You will have the power of the universe behind you, supporting you one hundred percent of the way.

No shit, and it's about time too. I hate being so manic sometimes. These are the moments of my life when I say to myself, "Shut the fuck up, you cryin' ass bitch!!!" & I always have a good laugh after that shit.

& I do mean a gooooood laugh, a full 20 minutes or so of incessant giggling, I swear.

Although nothing has actually changed in my seemingly meaningless existence; I just don't give a fuck today. & so I smile in the face of penniless woes & forgotten hoes.. strike that, reverse it... or not.

I'm just in a good mood because I got to watch 'South Park' & 'Drawn Together' tonight, and after laughing that hard; who wouldn't be in a good mood?!? You just have no choice.. SO, LAUGH DAMN YOU!!!

Dr. Foxxy Love says, "...that creepy smiling guy from the Enzyte commercials. What the hell is up with that guy? He freaks the Foxxy out."

Judging from that pic, we kinda look like sisters, don't we? LOL
Current Mood: ecstatichighly amused!
Current Music: Foxxy Love - Crashy Crashy Die Die Die (in my head) LMAO!!!